The Gnarliest Thing You’ll See All Day

If you want to see something pretty freakin’ cool, if not disgusting and cringe-worthy, here is a video of Georgi Kirilov Georgiev of Bulgaria suffering a leg-break even worse than the one that ended Joe Theismann’s football career. In this video Georgiev is competing in the 100 meter sprint at the European Championships in Helsinki, when he slows up to a limp before his right leg dramatically gives way, ending his race.


Thankfully, the result of this injury was “only” a broken leg and a dislocated knee. It could have been much worse. Unsurprisingly, Georgiev did not qualify for the final.

13 thoughts on “The Gnarliest Thing You’ll See All Day

    • A lesson to kids to never let up. Obviously he felt something was wrong and probably tore something before he slowed down, but man what happened to him afterwards was just unnatural.

      I’m just looking out for you, E. We’re lucky that we had to tie our teammates shoes seconds before races, instead of competing in races like this where we’d actually have to go fast enough that we could have hurt ourselves.

      • speak for yourself. I got a concussion after wiping out reaching for a handoff in a 4×100 at Florida Atlantic.

        that was just freaky though, and the last replay was pretty disturbing.

  1. It’s taken me about five minutes to uncurl from my “OH MY GOD” cringe position. Yes, it was disgusting and disturbing and the poor guy probably won’t fully recover from that – emotionally, I mean. But for a moment, let’s forget that we (humans) have nerves and feelings and emotions, etc. I think it’s absolutely amazing that someone can create so much power running that he breaks his own leg. That is simply amazing. I also feel kind of sad for the guy who won the race – because WHO CARES? This was way more noteworthy. Wow. Thank you and unthank you for sharing that.

    • Haha, no problem. I thought this was a pretty incredible display of what the human body can do, even if it was entirely involuntary. Physically this guy got off relatively easily, I’m sure you would know better, but I think a dislocated knee is better than tearing all the ligaments in there like he could have. Mentally, at least if I were him, I’d think twice about every step I took for the rest of my life, but let me give sprinters some credit here…they are tougher mentally than you distance runners want to believe!!!

      This video definitely puts some things into perspective, and that’s why I felt like sharing it. Even if it does scare the crap out of everyone.

      • I just got done watching the Olympic trials for swimming and in one of the events, the winning time was 21:59 .. really? I am an endurance athlete mainly because all that training for less than 22 seconds doesn’t seem worth it. I do know that sprinters are extremely tough. However, an Olympic marathoner can run 26.2 miles at a pace faster than I can run one mile. The human body is amazing – it’s really a shame that 7 out of 10 people in the US are overweight or obese – what a waste of talent. 😦
        (off topic, I know).

    • I would love to be able to run a sub-6 mile again. Haven’t done that since high school, and don’t anticipate ever having those kind of wheels again. It’s incredible that the marathoners can run at a 5 minute pace like it’s nothing.

      And you’re right about the overweight and obesity epidemic, though statistics don’t really the story perfectly. I’m one of the more fit people that I know, and I’m actually back down to my high school weight, yet I’m right on the border of being considered “overweight” according to BMI (which is definitely a flawed system). Do you know where you got that statistic, I’d be curious to know. Most people are definitely way bigger than they need to be, or is even healthy to be, but I guess that’s the American way….everything to excess!

      • BMI is a very strange scale – it really does not apply to athletes or muscle-bound people. We use the BodPod at work, which gives one of the most accurate measures of true body composition. I am a healthy weight but I do have “excess fat” according to the BodPod – again, a failure of the BMI scale – coming from the opposite end of the spectrum from you. The statistic comes from the most recent obesity stats. I’m not sure who put them out – but our country is in serious trouble. I’m doing my best to help change our fate!

      • I need to test out that BodPod. I’ve never really had an accurate body composition assessment done and I’m kind of curious to see what it’s like, even though I’ve gotten skinnier than I would have hoped thanks to not having access to a gym currently.

  2. I was trying to pass on the misery of this video to my boss but the video seems to be down? Was it censored? LOL.

    • It worked just fine for me now. Is YouTube blocked where you work? Or maybe the site was doing maintenance or something. I’d be weary about passing it on to a boss, you don’t want to get fired over that first 5 minutes of uneasiness after watching, haha!

      • LOL. How did you know I was at work?? Ha. Turns out I don’t think I have flash player on my computer – we work in weight loss together and I have heard stories about things I wish I never knew existed.. this was my way of evening the playing field. I will try again tomorrow. However, I will not look. I’ll just watch his reaction. Ha.

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