Johnny Manziel “Suspended”

money badger doesnt care

By now, you’ve probably heard the ludicrous news of the day to come out of Indianapolis. Johnny “Football Autograph” Manziel has been put in time-out by the NCAA and will be forced to sit out the first half of Texas A&M’s home opener this weekend against Rice. 30 minutes for some unauthorized signatures that Manziel strongly denies getting paid for. I could write 500 words here, I could write a million, neither would be enough to explain the gross negligence on the part of the NCAA as a governing body in regards to how they’ve handled this case in its¬†entirety. But hey, it’s not good business to fire one of your most productive ($$$$$) FREE INTERNS either.

Former FSU great and current ESPN analyst Danny Kanell put it best:

And a reminder for Mr. Manziel on Saturday: Have an extra glass of juice with breakfast, the orange slices are for the players!

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