October Basketball: 2017-2018 Boston Celtics

The Celtics 2017-2018 season was over before we knew it. Less than six minutes into regular season action the unthinkable happened and new prized possession Gordon Hayward has been shelved for what is essentially (and should be) the entire first season of his new contract with the team. For anyone seeing this I’m sure it is nothing new, but I must include the video below as within the first 6 minutes of action the whole mood and expectation have changed in Boston.

Now look, my goal with this blog over the next few months was to follow this Boston Celtics team with the vigor and enthusiasm that y’all have never seen before. While I still plan on providing my followers with the latest in Celtics news, this one play, one moment, one ill fated backdoor alley-oop, has definitely changed the course of excitement over the next several months.


With the “super teams” that have become all too common in the NBA, the Celtics probably never stood a realistic chance of winning even the historically weak Eastern Conference this year, injury or not. Truth is, while we never thought this was a true opportunity part of the joy of sports is believing in the inconceivable and the “what ifs”. “What if” Lebron severely sprains his ankle at the worst possible moment? Or “what if” Kevin Love experiences uncontrollable arthritis in his shoulder just as the regular season winds down, before Kelly Olynyk even gets to him. But what makes sports special is that the people who care certainly care too damn deeply and we all hold out hope for things we rationally know have a slim to none chance of happening.


So, the focus changes.

This is still Kyrie’s world and we’re all just living in it. But as of dinner time yesterday evening this season became about much more. It’s about Jayson Tatum’s rookie campaign. It’s about the emergence of “Short Shorts” Jaylen Brown. It’s  about all of Australia and the intensity that Aron Baynes brings that has been severely lacking the past few seasons. Personally, it’s about watching former Florida Gator Al Horford rep my country’s colors and reminiscing about the afternoon he saved me from a physical altercation with his teammate at the time ugly ass Joke Noah before getting more than he could manage from my friend Ryan Reid.


Celtics fans, this year is not going to be what we expected. But ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be fun.

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