What a ride it has been. For those who don’t know, back in January of this year I met someone who I hope to spend the rest of my life with. Relevant to tonight, I told her in early April let me watch this team every opportunity I have, there is a good chance they’ll be in the World Series come October. Well tonight the dream came true ten-fold and the Boston Red Sox have their fourth World Championship in the last fourteen years, can you believe it?


Now how did that all happen? David freakin’ Price earned all of his $30 million dollars in just his last three starts alone, Steve Pearce won a World Series MVP for his childhood team, and Markus Lynn Betts showed the world why his parents gave him such appropriate initials. Now obviously way more happened to get to where we are today than just the valiant actions of these three gentlemen, but Boston this one is for you.


Look man, Boston fans are spoiled. This city has won 11 titles since 2002 and I get why fans in other cities can’t stand the arrogance and presumption that our team(s) will be there at the end of each respective season. If I was from anywhere else but here I probably couldn’t stand myself either. The difference is, growing up in New England back when Brockton was the “City of Champions” and not the “617” it is easy to see why we enjoy each and every championship from our Sox, Pats, C’s, and Bruins, (and eventually Revs) and why true fans truly appreciate it and don’t go out buying new pink hats just to be a part of a semi exclusive club. Sports are in our blood and if you grew up right then allegiance has been passed down from generation to generation and each win isn’t just for you, it’s for your father and your father’s father and your uncle’s cousin’s sister’s nephew. It’s about family and about community.


Red Sox Nation has another pennant to put on its collective wall and up on the ring of honor at Fenway Park. This 2018 team has been special since February and put the most beautiful bow on a glorious year tonight and cemented themselves as the new “Greatest Red Sox Team Ever Assembled” with 119 total wins and a whole lot more glorious memories for everyone who witnessed this greatness. Thank you, Red Sox, this won’t easily be forgotten.






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